Have a crafty new year!

I’m taking a small break from illustrating after doing 3 books in the last 12 months. But I still need to keep my hands busy and so I’ve turned to some craftier projects for the end of the year.

20140107-211010.jpg Here is a piece I did with my 3 1/2 year old son.  He actually did it all, I merely supervised and helped glue it all down. (I had to show it off )

20140107-211033.jpg I found that I had a ton of old wooden spools around the house and  I needed a new tree ornament, so I created this.

20140107-211126.jpg  I was able to fit in a quick food illustration.

20140107-211142.jpg and a painting commissioned as a gift….the dock is made out of old telephone polls!

20140107-211746.jpg And then I got a little carried away with some crocheting….

20140107-211758.jpg this old naked doll need some new clothes.

20140107-211906.jpg Yes, these are crocheted covered rocks…seems like I was crocheting a new outfit for everything.

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