Out of the attic

My son LOVES Toy Story.

He would watch it all day everyday if he could.

I was going through some of my old artwork and found this piece that I did my senior year of college, for my Game Illustrations class.

I had forgotten how much I LOVE Toy story!  So I dusted it off, and went and had it framed and matted.

When I showed my son the  illustration, he gave a huge smile, but he started to get upset that it was trapped in a frame and that he couldn’t play with it.


We found a nice place to hang it in his playroom.


Painting food

These past few weeks, I have been busy painting food items for a national steakhouse chain.  I have really enjoyed creating these little images.

Although I have to be careful not to paint on an empty stomach!

Mmmm….those mini cupcakes look really tasty, I think it’s time for lunch!


For years, my husband has been asking me to draw him Wolverine, his all-time favorite superhero.  So, for the holidays, I decided to draw him a wolverine….adding my little twist.  He of course loved it, but then requested that it get painted.

So for his birthday, I painted the wolverine.

Let it rain…please.

I came up with this illustration idea this summer during one of the hottest and longest drought in Texas history.  I remembered from my childhood when my sister and I would go outside and perform ‘rain dances’ and beg for it to rain.  Somehow it always seemed to work.  (probably because we would start the dance when it was cloudy).   Remarkably, while I was painting this little girl, we had our first thunderstorm in months.