Foodie Club – Character Evolution

Squid Pasta2Small

This is the first concept piece I did for the Foodie Club by Dani Shear.

This piece is what ultimately won me the project.

Syd Chef

After I was chosen, I began sketching the main character, trying to find the right look and personality for the main character.   I experimented with different media and style.


Syd and Sunny Character Sketches3

These sketches were for a while the settled upon Syd and Sunny. But something still just wasn’t right…So I went back to the drawing board and

Syd Sunny v2 colorfinally I created the Syd and Sunny right for the Foodie Club.


Bartering a Bear for a Snake

One night as we were sitting down for family movie night, we started hearing a wonderful waterfall in our house. The washing machine was spilling water out the back!

After trying a coat hanger, a garden hose and Drano, my husband got the washing machine to stop spilling over…but the extra water was just leaking out of pipes under the house.

He gave up and called our friend, PR, who just so happened to build our house, for advice on a plumber that could help us figure out what was going on.

Our friend came out the next day and PR and my Husband (but mostly PR) fixed the problem. Turns out you can’t put a half of a brisket in the garbage disposal. So they took apart a pipe, snaked it, flushed it, snaked it again and cleared the clog.

Plumbing on a weekend can cost a pretty penny, but with the problem solved, we were willing to pay PR whatever he thought was reasonable.

Before we could offer anything, he said “I don’t want any money for this. But, would you illustrate a picture for the story I tell my children?”

So, of course, I said ‘of course!’

And that’s how you trade a Bear for a Snake!

Let it rain…please.

I came up with this illustration idea this summer during one of the hottest and longest drought in Texas history.  I remembered from my childhood when my sister and I would go outside and perform ‘rain dances’ and beg for it to rain.  Somehow it always seemed to work.  (probably because we would start the dance when it was cloudy).   Remarkably, while I was painting this little girl, we had our first thunderstorm in months.