Published in the SCBWI Mag!

As a member of the SCBWI, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, I receive their magazine, full of tips, articles, interviews and other goodies for people like me.

In a previous issue  I saw a call for tech tips and figured I’d put my two cents in, since I’m really pleased with my large format printer and my ability to print my cleaned-up sketches directly on my final paper. My technique allows me to keep the freshness of my original sketch, without losing any energy to transfering it on a light table.

So, I submitted the tip and forgot about it.

Until I received the June issue of the SCBWI mag, that is…

Check it out: I’m (kinda) (almost) famous!

You never get tired of seeing your name in print, and I’ve already gotten a few unsolicted emails from people who saw the tip and had questions.

Next step after I finish work on my current project (on which I’m totally making use of my own tech tip): publication in anoter type of magazine…maybe Highlights 🙂